81% of British people don't have income protection in place

Income protection cover can be much more than simply protecting your income. For example, it can even help prevent long-term sickness or injury as well as get you back to work quicker should you have had time off.

Many policies offer additional benefits, for example, if you were feeling ill, but not serious enough to stop you working; you have a sore back, but struggling to afford a physio or you have had to take time off work but need some career counselling?

Some providers also offer benefits like these at any point in your policy lifetime. This means if you are suffering from an injury or illness – that might not be severe enough for a claim – you would still be able to benefit. If you need physio or a doctor’s appointment to prevent your condition from worsening, that’s okay, you’re covered.

This could ensure your injury or illness doesn’t progress into something severe enough for you to need time off work. And in a time it is increasingly difficult to get an appointment with a GP, these additional benefits are adding real value.

If you would like some advice about income protection insurance or think you could gain from having some additional benefits that income protection doesn’t provide, then get in touch with a member of the Oviso team to discuss the options available for your circumstances.


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