Oviso buys Derby headquarters

Mortgage and insurance advisor, Oviso Financial Services, has topped off a stellar year by buying its headquarters in Queen Street, Derby.

Oviso is on track to complete on mortgages valued...

Oviso goes back to its roots

Oviso understand that grassroots football clubs play a vital role within every local community. Playing football encourages people of all ages to keep fit and healthy, assists in developing sporting...

HELP! I’m self-employed

There has been a rapid rise in self-employment over recent years, in fact the number of self-employed workers has increased from 3.3 million in 2001 to 4.8 million in 2017,...

Moving on up

Bondholder Oviso Financial Services the mortgage and insurance advisors, have helped clients with deals worth a staggering £52m in 2018 so far, thanks to Derby’s buoyant property market. 

That means...

Oviso mortgages

Oviso’s home buyers’ guide

Here at OVISO we recognise that buying a house can seem a rather daunting process. With so many mortgage options to choose from along with so many things to consider,...

Are you covered for your mental health?

We often encourage clients to invest in policies such as Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover to protect against worst case scenarios, but what about more common scenarios such as mental health absences?

Credit profile dos and don'ts

One of the most important things that people forget to consider when obtaining a mortgage is what’s on their credit profile. Take a look at how you can improve your credit rating!

Wills explained

A Will is a legally binding document, therefore there are various legal formalities you must follow to ensure it is valid.