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Five tax rules all landlords need to know

Landlord tax rules have seen some significant changes over the last few years – from stamp duty to capital gains tax. There are a number of different rules and reliefs that apply at every stage of the property life cycle. 


Boost your savings for your first home by up to £3,000

A decade ago, according to the Nationwide, it took the average first-time buyers in the UK less than five years to save a 10% deposit of £14,080. Compare that with today, it now takes on average six and a half years to save a 10% deposit of £18,480. 

First Time Buyer Mortgages

First-time buyers reach 10 year high

In recent times it appears to be harder than ever to get that first step onto the property ladder. In the last 30 years house prices have increased a staggering 554%, so it may come as a surprise that first-time buyer mortgage figures have hit their highest level in a decade, according to data by Yorkshire Building Society.