Who they are

We first became familiar with this client in 2015, when they approached OVISO as a young couple looking to buy their first property.

In the two years since, they have expanded their family and subsequently outgrown their living space.

How we helped

With their two year fixed-rate mortgage nearing its end, the couple spoke to our adviser, Lee, about the potential of remortgaging. The original aim was to take a portion of money from the equity they had built up and put it towards funding an extension to their existing property, but low interest rates meant there were other options on the table that could represent more value for money

With extensive help and support from OVISO, the client managed to secure a mortgage on a new, bigger property for almost the same monthly payment as their previous mortgage. The growing family now have appropriate space to bring up their children without compromising themselves financially.

To find out how current interest rates could benefit you and your family, contact our team today or visit one of our branches to discuss your options.

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