I've applied to remortgage with Oviso, what happens next?

Now that the mortgage application has been completed we want to confirm what the next steps will be and when you can expect to hear from us. We will call the mortgage company seven days after submitting the mortgage application to get the first progress update.

This will give the mortgage company enough time to:

  • Register the application form and the supporting documents we have sent them.
  • Pass the application form and supporting documents to the underwriting department for the application to be agreed subject to valuation.
  • Obtain valuation/survey date (providing no additional information is required).

Mortgage companies reserve the right to ask for additional information in order to agree the mortgage. In the event that they require further information from you, we will ask you for it at this time. In a further 5 days, we will call the mortgage company for the second progress update.

We will:

  • Check that any additional information has reached them and is being processed.
  • Confirm the results of the valuation/survey and request the mortgage offer.

We will then continue to contact the mortgage company on a weekly basis until we have received the mortgage offer.

Once the mortgage offer has been received we will make contact with the solicitor.

We will:

  • Ensure the solicitor has received his/her copy of the mortgage offer.
  • The solicitors will write to you once your remortgage application has been submitted. He/she will send you a simple questionnaire to complete along with a few legal forms to sign. We can help you complete these if required and we will also confirm with the solicitor once they have been received.
  • We will ensure the solicitor has requested a settlement figure from your current mortgage provider.

We will then continue to contact the solicitor on a weekly basis to ensure the process moves swiftly.

On completion of the remortgage we will:

  • Start any of the associated insurance you have taken, such as life insurance or mortgage protection.

You will receive an email shortly inviting you to sign up to your own online Oviso file where you can check for updates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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