Critical illness

Thankfully, medical advances mean a diagnosis of a critical illness isn’t necessarily the death sentence it once was. More and more people are recovering and eventually getting back on their feet. Critical illness cover could help towards paying the bills in the meantime.

What is critical illness cover?

Should you become critically ill, you will receive money that can help to cover the loss of earnings from your time off work and help towards paying bills as well as covering your treatment costs.

Answering your frequently asked questions

With so many options to consider, it can seem very confusing. So, to help you out we've answered some of your most common questions. For more specific advice about the options available for your circumstances, why not get in-touch with one of our friendly advisors.

How much does Critical Illness Cover cost?

Critical illness cost is very much dependent upon individual circumstances, such as sum assured, lifestyle, age and previous medical history. The quality of the contract and which family members are included will also have an impact on the premium.

What illnesses are covered within a contract?

Depending upon the quality of the contract, there are in excess of 180 illnesses that can be covered with critical illness cover.

Do insurance companies pay out for critical cover?

Oviso will help you find the most appropriate insurance cover. However, as an example, in 2020 Aviva paid out on 92.7% of critical illness claims – more than £314m in value.


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